7.12.16 / job2493 / Driehaus Capital Management / Senior Quantitative Analyst


Interested candidates must send a cover letter and resume to HR@Driehaus.com and
reference job code [SQA] when applying.

Driehaus Capital Management is a privately-held investment management firm that manages
global, emerging markets, US growth equity and alternative investment strategies.
The firm
has a diverse institutional client base comprised of corporate and public pensions,
endowments, foundations, sub-advisory, family offices, wealth managers and financial
advisors, globally.  

We are seeking a Senior Quantitative Analyst with 5+ years of risk and/or related Emerging
Markets quantitative experience in equities.
FX, rates and fixed income quantitative research
experience a plus.

Primary responsibilities:
  Monitors and manages investment risk exposures related to exposures and characteristics
of individual securities and/or group of securities, on a day-to-day and long-term basis,
recommending actions that will reduce risk or shift portfolio characteristics, including the
development of hedging strategies for EM strategies.
•   Develops and maintains cross-asset valuation tools to assist with asset type selection for
expression of core portfolio ideas.
•   Develops portfolio PnL tool to accurately produce daily position report, PnL file, and
warehouse historical PnL.
•   Develops and maintains quantitative models used in determining asset allocation
techniques; defining sector weightings/allocations; enhancing investment returns at controlled
levels of risk; and constructing/evaluating the composition of specific portfolios.  
•   Assesses portfolio risk exposures, understands benchmark characteristics, and determines
trade allocation parameters.  Works with Portfolio Managers to structure portfolios and provide
an independent view of portfolio risk.
•   Collaborates with analysts to ensure recommended securities and/or paper portfolio ideas
have acceptable aggregate exposures and/or risk profiles.  Helps analyst(s) to better
understand the broad composition of his/her opportunity set and recommendations.
•   Develops and maintains a scoring model that can be clearly articulated internally and
•   Performs stress tests, factor risks, valuation and style, MTM/Volatility neutralization, crowded
trades, correlations, etc.  Considers construction process from an institutional or “core” level.
•   Assists in conducting research studies and building and refining investment models.  
•   Ensures consistency of investment process, both in identifying ideas/substantiating
investment cases, but also in maintaining a diversified focus list that allows PMs to populate
the fund with different types of exposures pertaining to the quantitative research.
•   Role will entail frequent interaction with research analysts and Portfolio Managers and
therefore require strong communication and process analytics.

•   5+ years of risk and/or related Emerging Markets quantitative experience in equities, FX,
rates and fixed income.
•   Advanced degree in physics, applied mathematics, statistics or other quantitative discipline,
CFA and/or MFE/MBA preferred.
•   Motivated self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset who can communicate effectively and
assist the team in defining the dynamics of the role over time.
•   Outstanding technological acumen, including advanced Excel, Access, SQL, etc.
•   Experience with FactSet and Bloomberg required.
•   Strong Interpersonal skills and ability to share quantitative output with team members in
easily understandable terms.